Inhouse Quality Laboratory

Seeking to meet stringent global norms for food safety, SHANKAR MASALA PVT. LTD has set up a INHOUSE Quality Laboratory for analysis and microbial food safety in spices and spices products. we strive to not only meet all of your spice masala manufacturing expectations, but exceed them. One of the ways we accomplish this is by being one of the few manufacturers who have in-house laboratory capabilities and a dedicated team of experts to back it up.

The laboratory is equipped with the most modern chromatographic and spectroscopic analytical instrumentations for Microbiology, physical and chemical analysis. Ability to internalize the highest priority testing necessary to assure that raw ingredients and finished products meet appropriate regulatory requirements.


Our processing facilities deploy best-in-class technology to consistently deliver food safe products with superior sensorial characteristics such as visual colour, aroma and flavour. We manufacture the wide range of spices in the form of powder, crushed, blended spices. We understand that various spices need to be handled differently and thus perform milling of various spices through the right technologies at multiple processing lines.

Our low temperature grinding process in the state-of-the art machinery help in preserving the fundamental characteristics of the spices viz. Further, we are continually investing and establishing in next-generation spice-milling technologies to deliver multiple mesh sizes that still maintain the quality of our spices. The combination of advanced technology and human resource excellence enables us to customise our products to diverse applications and specific customer preferences.

Our Processing location is ISO 22000 : 9001 Certified by a trained team with food safety knowledge.

The Quality Process

Ensuring minimal human intervention, our mechanised quality pre-processing facility is geared to deliver on a range of critical physical and chemical parameters to precisely meet varying customer specifications and country-specific food safety norms. We preprocess all varieties of Spices which shall be exported in whole form and also shall be utilized for manufacturing of Crushed & Powder for meeting stringent customer specifications. We offer all type of pre-processing activities like sun-drying, hand-grading, De-stemming & machine cleaning based on the customer quality specification.

Pre-processing operation helps to ensure meeting of customer quality specification in terms of Physical, chemical & biological parameter by proper dying, grading/cleaning and packing which in turn ensures to meet the regulatory norms of the countries for which the product exported as whole. We have mechanized cleaning facility which helps to remove foreign matter like stones, metal, plastic, prizes, etc., with grading facility for to ensure Alfa guarantee product to end customer.